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The first address for electronic solutions has two addresses, in Regau and Mariapfarr.

Competitive edge through electronics.
Welcome to abatec.


Are you looking for a development and production partner for electronic assemblies? Well, look no further. abatec is the right partner for you. We implement and produce tailor-made, high-tech electronic solutions in the industrial and automotive sectors, such as sensors, controls, displays and much more.


Our two independent locations in Upper Austria and Salzburg offer you one-of-a-kind flexibility and reliability. Furthermore, as part of the Pierer Industrie Group, we can not only meet your requirements with our broad network of innovative companies – we can exceed them.


Our main focus is on our E²MS – Electronic Engineering and Manufacturing Service. Our highly skilled research and development team uses your ideas and specifications to create innovative, highly efficient and easy-to-produce electronic assemblies. On request, we can also handle the transition to series production for you as well as manufacture solutions that we develop. Our portfolio also includes pure contract manufacturing within the scope of EMS – Electronics Manufacturing Services.

Award-winning excellence for you: the abatec quality label


We naturally comply with TÜV and VDE standards. ISO or IATF certifications and standards also fall within our minimum requirements. In order to surpass your quality expectations, we have set our own standard for you: the abatec quality label stands for innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. That’s inspiration redefined.


> Download ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

> Download IATF 16949:2016 Certificate


The future has a name: abatec


Since our founding in 1991 by Friedrich Niederndorfer, the name abatec has been synonymous with the combination of electronic and technical expertise.


aba is taken from the word Abacus, the first calculation aid based on binary numbers and therefore on the very foundation of electronics, and stands for pioneering electrical engineering. And tec stands for our excellent technical understanding and our innovative strength.


Our success is based solely on the success of our customers: abatec started expanding right from the beginning and has been consistently expanding ever since. Today abatec is one of the leading development and manufacturing companies for electronic assemblies in Austria. More than 200 employees work at our locations in Regau and Mariapfarr on pioneering solutions and will be happy to work for you in the future.


We have also been part of Pierer Industrie AG since 2018. We therefore offer you access to the entire range of expertise of the hidden champions belonging to the group of companies, such as the KTM Industrie Group or the Pankl SHW Industries Group, which also operates in the automotive sector.