How should I apply?

Please make sure you only use the career portal. Keep in mind that we will only consider complete applications with all the required documents, such as curriculum vitae, motivation letter, references, etc.

I have not yet found a suitable position. Can I submit a speculative application?

Please do. Simply upload your application under “Speculative application”. As soon as a suitable position is found, we will contact you, so please be patient.

Are the advertised vacancies current?

Yes, we update them daily, so you don’t need to inquire by telephone, but can simply apply directly.

How does the application procedure work at abatec?

Quickly, personally, transparently. If you are applying for an advertised position, click here. If you’re applying for an internship, just click here.

I already applied once and received a rejection. Can I reapply?

Of course – just because you were not the perfect fit for that one position does not mean that you are not the best candidate for another, current position. So just upload your application for the advertised position.

How long do I have to wait after my application until I get my first reply?

You will receive an invitation to an interview, or unfortunately a rejection if we have found someone who is more suitable for the position, within two weeks.

What are the best things to bring to the interview?

If you have already submitted all your documents when you applied, you do not need to bring anything special. We are looking forward to meeting you. We do suggest that you take some time to learn about abatec.

When can I start applying for an internship?

As soon as an internship is advertised. Speed is never a bad thing here.

Can an intern stay in the company after completing their training?

Not only “can” they, but they “should”: Our goal is for you to get off to a great start after successfully completing your training with us. And that should also be your goal…

Is it possible to complete a university holiday internship or a required internship at abatec?

Yes, we welcome interns every year during the holidays. So just upload your application.

Can I write a Bachelor's or Master's thesis in collaboration with abatec?

Yes, you can. We also offer Bachelor’s and Master’s theses on specific topics. You can also contact us with a suggested topic, preferably by email.

In which areas can I write my Bachelor's or Master's thesis?

The area must be suitable for the topic, which is why we will coordinate them with you on a personal basis.

Can I also create an A-level project together with abatec?

Yes, we are also happy to assign topics for an A-level project. The same applies: you are welcome to contact us with your own suggested topic, preferably by e-mail.