abatec for fire-fighting technology from Rosenbauer.



Rosenbauer boasts over 150 years of experience and is the world’s leading manufacturer of fire-fighting technology for fire and disaster protection. The company develops and produces vehicles, extinguishing technology, equipment and telematics solutions for professional, company, plant and voluntary fire brigades as well as systems for preventive fire protection. With its service and sales network, the group operates in over 100 countries. Rosenbauer’s key strengths include customer focus, innovation and reliability.


Since abatec is always “hot” for the latest innovation, we are the development partner for Rosenbauer in electronic solutions. Here are a few examples of our long-standing collaboration:

*Photo credit: Rosenbauer


Intuition as a drive.
abatec developed a gearbox control for Rosenbauer’s airport fire trucks. It was completely redesigned as a control unit for the 6 or 8-gear selector for Panther vehicles. In addition to this gear selector, abatec also manufactures the cabin control of the Panther, which regulates a wide range of functions from the lighting and ignition through to the power windows.


Operations at a glance.
abatec developed the complete digital display with a modern, intuitive display for larger and more flexible layouts and easier operability for the component control unit that controls various mobile devices. The logical structure of the control panel supports the user by providing information at a glance on the status, feedback on any malfunctions or operating errors, and suggestions for correct handling.


Innovation is a mindset.

Rosenbauer developed an entirely new helmet lamp for the fire-fighting HEROS-titan helmet, characterized by significantly higher performance, optimized luminosity and burn time. The development of the electronics applied for this lamp took place in cooperation with abatec. The integrable helmet lamp, which can also be used in an environment with flammable gases, complies with the strict ATEX (Atmosphères Explosibles) guidelines of the European Union and is produced ready for assembly in-house at the Regau location.

Customer statement

Rosenbauer is the innovation leader in the fire-fighting equipment sector and has always been able to count on abatec’s expertise in the development and production of electronic components for key technologically sophisticated products. Thanks to a long-standing partnership, abatec knows how to ideally implement our requirements as a customer and therefore makes an important contribution to further expanding Rosenbauer’s market leadership.”


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