Doubly safe: anti-scaling and leak protection in one



WATERCryst Wassertechnik GmbH & Co. KG is a technology leader in the area of non-chemical scale protection, and the BIOCAT products made using that technology are sold via specialist plumbing wholesalers and used in households, companies, clinics, care homes, hotels, municipal facilities and housing associations around the world.


For the new BIOCAT KLS series – innovative, web-enabled anti-scaling devices that also monitor for leaks – WATERCryst worked with abatec as a development partner.


In addition to its advanced anti-scaling function, the BIOCAT KLS series also offers – in the truest sense of the word – APPsolute protection against water damage, which, in Germany, occurs once every 30 seconds on average. If the system’s sensors detect an unusually high usage volume or a consistent drop in pressure, the supply pipe is automatically closed off and the operator notified via the BIOCAT app.

*Photo credit: WATERCryst


The design and development of the electronic components was handled entirely in-house by abatec. The connection to the BIOCAT app, which allows the valves to be closed off and enables smart control of the device via app and Bluetooth, was also primarily designed and finalised by abatec at its facility in Regau, Austria. The modules themselves are likewise manufactured on-site at abatec, and delivered to WATERCryst for final assembly on a just-in-time basis. For watertight success – made in Austria.

Customer statement

We appreciate our close partnership with abatec which is characterised by a long lasting, successful and trusting collaboration.”


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