From the idea to the prototype


The formula for your inspiration: E²MS
Are you looking for a specialist with expertise in software, hardware, mechanics and production for your product concept? Well, you have come to the right place. We are experts in Electronic Engineering and Manufacturing Services (E²MS), covering all four areas of expertise for developing and manufacturing electronic solutions.


We start by talking with you about your idea and then develop a preliminary concept for a solution. We then specify the implementation, analyse requirements, set project steps and tasks and define the framework conditions – from the electronic layout and switchgear technology through to the mechanical elements and hardware.


Our highly qualified 30-strong development team uses this information to develop a truly perfect product plan, which is technologically advanced, cost-effective and ready for production. The prototype is then built and all components and software are commissioned.


In the end, we will not only have the standardised testing in place taking into consideration legal aspects, such as licenses, certifications and laws, but above all, we will also have inspired you about your new product. On request, we can put it into series production with just as much enthusiasm…


We know the what. Our core areas:

  • Sensors/actuators: analogue and digital I/O devices, measurements of temperature, humidity, pressure, air flows
  • Control: pC-ARM, FPGA, PLC alternatives
  • Tracking & recording: camera systems, object recognition, position detection
  • Displays: displays from 1-10 inches, touch and multitouch screens, apps
  • Housing construction: metal, plastic, wood


We also know the how. Here is an overview of our expertise:

  • C/C++ programming
  • Hardware programming
  • Firmware optimisation
  • Linux / software development
  • System development

Your Contact to the Specialists


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