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Your development and production partner for electronic high tech solutions in the industrial and automotive sector.

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Product development &


Do you have an idea for a product? You will see that we are the perfect partner for developing prototypes for electronic components, modules and devices.




Do you want to launch a prototype into production? Here, we will show you how we bring products that we have developed as well as external prototypes including software, construction plans, wiring diagrams and assembly instructions to series success.


Production &


Do you want to have your electronic components, which have already been developed for series production, manufactured to the highest quality? Two identical production lines open up unique capabilities for manufacturing printed circuit boards, partially installed assemblies and ready-to-assemble housings and assemblies.


Over 25 years of experience


A quarter of a century is a good start. For the next projects and for the next inspired customers. Like you.

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We can share a lot about ourselves. The success stories of our customers say it all.

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We are looking for talented creators, optimisers and simplifiers who are looking for an outstanding employer.

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Projekteinkäufer Elektronik (m/w/d) More Info Einkauf Regau More Info
Produktionstechniker (m/w/d) More Info Produktion Regau More Info
Lagermitarbeiter (m/w/d) More Info Produktion Regau More Info
Technical Sales Support (m/w/d) More Info Vertrieb und Verkauf Regau More Info
Mitarbeiter/in Auftragsbearbeitung Vertrieb (m/w/d) More Info Vertrieb und Verkauf Regau More Info
Produktionsplaner (m/w/d) More Info Produktion Regau More Info